Why Partner with FCPT?

Four Corners Property Trust (FCPT) is a NYSE listed REIT primarily focused on the ownership, acquisition, and leasing of restaurant and other retail properties. FCPT is interested in building relationships with restaurant operators, brokers, real estate partners, developers, banks and advisers that work closely with different QSR and casual dining brands.

  • Experienced and responsive senior management team

  • Only public REIT focused on restaurant real estate

  • Strong access to capital; able to close quickly

We pride ourselves on being responsive, trustworthy, and creative in acquiring restaurant and other retail properties.”

William Lenehan, President & CEO

FCPT Acquisition Team

William Lenehan

President & CEO

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Patrick L. Wernig


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Joshua C. Zhang


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Baljinnyam Dashdorj

Vice President

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Truman Miller

Investment Analyst

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Nikolas M. Hanley

Investment Analyst

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Representative Transactions

Washington Prime Outparcel Portfolio
Announced September 2017

$67.2 million • 41 properties • 22 brands
8 year average lease term
Corporate and Franchisee Tenants

Brinker/Chili’s Sale Leaseback
Announced August 2018

$155.7 million • 48 properties • 1 brand
15 year lease term
Corporate Tenant

Repeat Sale Leaseback
Announced September 2017

$38.5 million • 18 properties
20 year lease term
Franchisee with over 120 units

Acquisition Criteria

  • Property Type: Triple net lease restaurants and other including auto service, collision repair, convenience stores, and medical retail

  • Deal Size: Single properties or portfolios from $1 million – $300 million

  • Geographical Location: Nationwide

  • Demographics: >25,000 3-mile population

  • Lease Term: Negotiable
    >5 years for existing leases
    10-20 years for new leases

  • Closing: Negotiable, typically 35 days

  • Tenants: National brands and strong credit operators

Transaction Type

  • Sale leasebacks

  • Existing lease acquisitions

  • Tenant renovation capital

  • Forward purchase commitments on new developments

  • Lease amendments and extensions

  • Proceeds for all transactions can be paid in cash and/or tax-deferred OP units (UPREIT)

Representative Brands