We aim for best-in-class corporate governance structures and compensation practices that closely align the interests of our Board and leadership with those of our stockholders. Four of our eight Board Directors are female and seven are independent, including our chairperson. Only independent Directors serve on the Board’s committees.


In our underwriting process, we apply values-based negative screening, ensuring we do not transact with any tenant, buyer, or seller, nor acquire any properties associated with negative social factors. We extend this ethical commitment to our supply chain, fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility. FCPT does not process or have access to consumer data, aligning our operations with data privacy best practices.


We evaluate our business operations and the environmental risk aspects of our investment portfolio on an ongoing basis and strive to adhere to sustainable business practices.

Our Team

Our culture is inclusive and team-oriented with a high retention rate. We hire for the long-term and invest in development, with a flat organization that drives employee engagement. We are ‘A Great Place to Work’ certified company.

Social Responsibility

Creating Value for All by Investing in our Employees

We firmly believe that our achievements are a direct testament to the dedication of our exceptional employees. Our commitment is to attract, retain, and support the finest talents – individuals who bring diversity, experience, and passion to our organization. We strive to foster a thriving and satisfied workforce by providing opportunities for our team to live fulfilling lives.

FCPT is always looking for exceptional talent to join our team.

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We believe that ensuring a vibrant and dynamic work environment is pivotal to retaining top talent and driving overall success.

Talent Acquisition

Pursue top-tier and ethical candidates through rigorous selection processes, while ensuring equal opportunity and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce

Professional Growth

Provide ample opportunities for skill development, training, and mentorship

Aligned Incentives

Offer competitive compensation packages, and equity incentives that align employee and shareholder interests, promoting wealth creation for all shareholders. 100% of corporate employees participate in our annual long-term equity compensation plan

Respectful Culture

Uphold a culture of honesty, respect, and open communication, and provide anti-harassment and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all employees, including management, to foster a positive and inclusive workplace

Work-Life Balance

Encourage flexible working arrangements, offer comprehensive wellness programs, and provide resources that support employee well-being and overall satisfaction

Talent Development: Empower, Nurture, Succeed

Group Learning

Collaborative sessions, including engaging Lunch and Learns, to encourage knowledge sharing and team building

Tuition Assistance

Financial support for select educational programs

Executive Coaching

Tailored training and guidance for officers and executives

Course Reimbursement

Support for professional and technical education, licenses, certificates, and advanced degrees

FCPT is committed to empower our team through comprehensive benefits & wellness. The health and wellbeing of our team members is one of the cornerstones to our successful operations.

Compensation and Health Benefits

At FCPT, we prioritize our employees’ well-being by offering competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package that rivals our industry peers. Our offerings include

Comprehensive Healthcare

Medical, dental, and vision coverage with a significant portion of premiums paid by FCPT

Retirement Saving

A robust 401(k) plan featuring employer matching contributions up to 4%

Equity Compensation Plan

Restricted stock awards are granted annually to all corporate employees, aligning employee success with company growth


Disability and life insurance coverage

At FCPT, we are firmly committed to fostering a vibrant work environment and corporate culture that champions diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, and personal and professional development. Our comprehensive approach encompasses several key aspects that contribute to our ongoing success and enrich our culture:

Encouragement and Facilitation of Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us better by producing innovative ideas, increasing creativity, and delivering better results for our shareholders. This commitment extends to every individual in our organization, including our Board of Directors, executive management, and all other FCPT team members

Equal Opportunity and Inclusivity

We prioritize recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, valuing the unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that drive innovation while ensuring equal opportunities for professional growth and advancement within an inclusive culture

Personal and Professional Development

We provide various training and development opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills, stay current with industry trends, and optimize their performance and engagement in our organization

Competitive Benefits and Well-being

We support our employees’ overall well-being through comprehensive benefits programs and policies that promote physical, mental, and emotional health in a safe and healthy workplace

At FCPT, our commitment to ethical conduct and compliance serves as the foundation of our corporate identity. By integrating strong governance policies, maintaining transparency, and adhering to the highest ethical standards, we aim to create lasting value for our shareholders and foster a positive impact on the communities we serve.

We have adopted a Human Rights Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Anti-Human Trafficking Policy, and Child Labor Policy. Full text of which can be found here.